OPHELIA | Lady A Pictures

"Meticulously composed and precisely executed, this heavily surreal study of the job interview from Anthony Garland seethes with palpable pressure and calculated malice throughout." The Edge

A young woman arrives at a bizarre job interview and, pressured by an onslaught of questions from an oddball trio, takes a minute to confront her insecurities head on. A twisted look at desire, convention and the perceptions that shape them.

Dir: Anthony Garland
Wr: Anthony Garland
Cast: Ali Mueller, Mary Pat Gleason, Alan Blumenfeld, Larry Cedar and Mia Komsky.
Prod: Ali Mueller, Marten Eckerstrom, Chris Sibley and Drew Van Wyk.
DOP: Daniel Katz
Music: Erick Del Aguila
Country: U.S.
Year: 2016
Running Time: 8 mins